Friday, May 23, 2008

Blogger's Search Not Up to Par, Back to Widgetbox

When Blogger finally released a search gadget for their blogs, I switched out the search gadget by Widgetbox that I had grown to love. After all, the less reliance on third parties, the smoother the process is on the whole, right?

Well, that was until I noticed that the official search wasn't offering as many search results as the original gadget, which is way weird considering how the official search is powered by Google, right? The best search engine in history? What the hell?

Regardless, I have now switched back to the old gadget, which I always loved for displaying all the search results within the layout of the site, which the official gadget only did as far as the first few results. After that you click a link to show the rest of the results, and it takes you to a google-themed page.

Regardless, thanks Widgetbox, I won't doubt you again! That is until I find something better.

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