Monday, May 19, 2008

VidtoMP3 rips Youtube Audio to MP3

There've been a handful of Youtube-to-MP3 services that've popped up recently, and I'd always thought they were a cute novelty, but seriously, who wants mp3's of inferior quality? That is, until I began searching for music to use in my new animation reel, and the piece of music I'd decided on only existed on Youtube.

I tried several sites for this service, but VidtoMP3 was by far the best. You simply enter the full URL of the Youtube video you want, and the entire conversion process is done on VidtoMP3's end. Once it finishes converting, you just click on the Download link, where you are taken to a second page that lets you download the file.

While the process isn't as elegant as being one-click, for the service it provides it's a lot less of a hassle than many sites out there that are jam-packed with ads and pop-ups. VidtoMp3 isn't completely innocent of this, but it was perfectly tolerable. In fact, if you were to use their service regularly, I'd certainly recommend you send them a donation for their trouble.

(note: as of this specific moment the VidtoMP3 site seems to be down, potentially because of server overload. I'll keep you updated on whether the site comes back up, or if it's just a fly-by-night idealistic novelty.)

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Michael said...

Great find.

So much of my YouTubing lately has been amateur music clips-- stuff that's awesome but hand-crafted, and far outside the mainstream. I hadn't been able to find a simple way to start collecting that stuff until now!

It certainly beats downloading entire video files from YT or using small-but-unwieldy sound capturing apps like Audacity.


Anonymous said...

Try -- I've had some success with them as well.

Bryan said... is a better solution for converting youtube videos to mp3 as it is ad free hence no popups and the conversions are done pretty fast too with good high quality.