Saturday, May 10, 2008

Windows Boot Timer Doesn't Work for Me Right Now

One of the specific impetuses (impeti? impetii? impetiii?) for me starting this blog was back when I decided to reel in the annoying long time it took for my computer to boot up. Writing about the experience of cutting down my startup time from 4 and a half minutes to 1 minute and 10 seconds was too good to pass up.

Back then I simply used the stopwatch on my cellphone to time the startup, from the moment the motherboard's loading screen showed up, until Thunderbird had completely loaded and I was able to open any program I wanted.

Recently I was made aware of a program called Windows Boot Timer, which claims to track the time when the BIOS starts loading Windows. It wouldn't be comparable to the time I used to track, since I went from hard boot to Windows load, but it would be a good, accurate benchmark to use from now on.

Using the program is (or should've been, see below) super easy. Just run the small executable, and the next time you restart your computer, it'll start recording, and give you a pop-up once Windows finishes loading, with the time it took to restart.

Unfortunately, it never worked for me. I restarted several times, and it just wouldn't work. I have a feeling it had something to do with my registry edits that killed applications faster at shutdown (which cut down the Windows unloading time significantly also), but I haven't had the time to properly test that hypothesis.

Let me know your experiences (whether Windows Boot Timer did/did not work, what your time was, what your total restart time was, etc) in the comments!

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