Friday, May 30, 2008

Help Make Firefox 3 the Most Downloaded Software in 24 Hours!

Download Day 2008

I absolutely cannot wait until Firefox 3 is released. My excitement for it surpasses even my anticipation for Windows XP Service Pack 3 (which really wasn't all that big of a deal), mainly because of its dramatic memory and speed improvements. If only I wasn't such a pansy about making sure all my necessary extensions and tweaks carry over while retaining all the good stuff about the new release, I'd be rocking FF3 right now.

Anyway, Mozilla is hoping you're excited about Firefox 3 as well, and are aiming to get on the Guinness record books with your help, by being the most downloaded piece of software in 24 hours (do the books Guinness releases yearly have EVERY record they've presided over on it? That seems like a LOT).

If you click on the image above, it should take you to a page where you can pledge your support and sign up for email alerts for when the actual download day is announced. Actually, this is my only real gripe about this project, is that they're organizing this gigantic movement on a date "TBA" (it's supposed to be sometime in June). Can't they just lock freaking release date now and just cram to make sure they make it? Hell, overshoot and say July 1st and just sit tight. It's hard to mark your calendars when there's no definite date.

Anyway, regardless, I'll be there, if I don't finally break down and install a beta myself.

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Geek is the new BLACK said...

Very nice blog post!

I recently posted a story about the Download day firefox is having.
I'm really excited about it too.

Can't wait.
check out my blog? tell me what you think?

Geek is the new BLACK said...

I've thought about the beta a few times, and i'm still not sure.

I think i'll wait and see what it's like when they finally release it.
won't ruin the suprise.

And yeah, i'm up for a link exchange.