Saturday, May 17, 2008

FolderPane Tools Selects Your Default Thunderbird Folder (review)

Do you organize your Thunderbird inbox into folders? Is there a specific folder you use more than any other folder? Or is more important, like your email folder for work? Wouldn't it be great if you could set Thunderbird to open and go directly to that folder whenever you set it up?

More so, do you have multiple email accounts and prefer one over another as your default account?

Well, with FolderPane Tools, you can.

As you can see in the preceeding image, I have a multitude of folders that I use to separate out different freelance jobs, as well as friends and family. I also have a Saved Search folder called "RECENT" that shows the last few days' emails from all the folders. I prefer this to my inbox folder, since if the filters are working well, my inbox should be empty. So I'd like to set Thunderbird's default folder to Recent. Meanwhile, I've also got a Yahoo email account I access using the Webmail extension.

FolderPane Tools is a Thunderbird extension/addon that allows you to set default folders and accounts in your folder pane. Check this screenshot to see the settings. It's small and no-frills and works out of the box:

If you're the kind of person that just has one big inbox, and has just one email account, even this small and lightweight extension doesn't deserve a spot in your Thunderbird client. But if you do need more help managing your accounts and folders, FolderPane Tools is right up your alley.

(Version reviewed was

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