Friday, May 16, 2008

Obsessively Track Radiohead's Tour With 58Hours (review)

Radiohead is not only one of my favorite bands, it's also the band I will have seen the most concerts of come August 24th, when they play the first of their two shows at the Hollywood Bowl. Promoting their innovative (in more ways than one) album In Rainbows, I recently alluded to how I got the tickets with the help of Tab Mix Plus' auto-reload feature.

Naturally, whenever there's a new album to promote, that means a lot more of those songs are played than the band's previous album. This is good if you're a fan of the new album (I would've really loved to have seen Green Day when American Idiot was released), but as a longtime fan you also want to hear the classics.

Want to know the odds your favorite RH song is gonna be played at the show you're going to? 58hours helps obsessive Radiohead fans track Radiohead's entire touring history by not only having written up setlists for what seems to be every live show they've ever played, but cross-references the individual songs to show how many times each has been performed. They even go so far as show you what the most likely songs to precede and follow it are.

58hours is still a work in progress, but I love how it has social networking features built in that let you sign up and check off the shows you've been to, or which of their future shows you've got tickets to. It just feels more inclusive feeling like there's someone you kinda know in that stadium or ampitheater with you.

Clearly these really are for the Radiowhores out there. They take live tips as the songs get played, even what songs were soundchecked before the actual concert, giving you an even clearer glimpse of the immediate future (in case you're that impatient). They also offer member reviews of the shows themselves. So far nothing in the way of photos or videos, but I'm pretty sure those are on the way.

As for me, I'm hoping that by the time the band reaches the west coast on the latter end of their U.S. tour, they'll have found a way to really balance the old stuff and the new. I'm not asking for Creep, but I'll never turn down a No Surprises or, heaven help me, a Let Down.

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1 comment:

Brian said...

Glad you like it! It's been a labour-of-love/work-in-progress for the longest time... and still is. I do indeed plan on adding the ability to upload/post images & photos soon... (as soon as I find the time to write the code). In the meantime, I hope you enjoy & drop a line if you have any other ideas. :)

Brian (headmaster of the malcontents here at the 58hours compound)