Saturday, May 3, 2008

Schedule Future Blog Posts Now Available For Everyone!

First I asked if there was a way for bloggers to schedule their posts to publish at a specified future time. Then I blogged about Blogger-in-Draft, Blogger's beta testing iteration where you can try out not-ready-for-primetime features, one of which was Future Blog Posting.

Now, it seems normal users not using Blogger-in-Draft can take advantage of future posting, as they've finally rolled it out of beta status.

To use the feature, click down and expand the Post Options section and change the Post Date and Time to some time in the future. When you return to your message list, it will reveal its status as "Scheduled."

Personally I've had no problems using Blogger-in-Draft this entire time, so I'd still recommend using it over the normal version, but if you're a little skittish, now you know there's nothing to worry about.

(note: this article was published the day after it was written)

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