Saturday, January 19, 2008

Alt-Tab Replacement: Thumbnails with Alt-Tab!

OSX has some cool graphical tweaks that make it easier to navigate through the various open windows on your computer, but in my view, none of them are as functional and practical as the Windows taskbar. Now, with Alt-Tab Replacement, the other way of navigating your windows in XP, Alt-Tab, looks even cooler, and is even more functional!

As part of the awesome but why-didn't-they-come-in-the-install-CD package Powertools by Microsoft themselves, Alt-Tab Replacement enhances your Alt-Tab experience by adding thumbnails of your open windows! Observe:

Alt-Tab replacement runs as a process in the background called taskswitch.exe and shouldn't take more than 4 megabytes of RAM while running. It's so small and so fast (it renders the thumbnails error-free in the blink of an eye), that even though I've been super strict about my background processes, I've decided to keep this Powertoy (indeed!) I don't even use Alt-Tab all that often!

Plus it looks super coordinated with my Zune desktop theme.

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LEGIT freebies dude! said...

I like TaskSwitchXP better, and it only takes 1.5mb of my ram :)

Anonymous said...

"Only takes 4 megabytes of RAM"

Does anyone remember when utilities only took 4K of RAM?