Tuesday, January 15, 2008

MozyHome Settings

I'd already gone over Mozy twice now in previous posts, but this time around I'll go over the exact custom settings I use, as well as other tweaks to make sure not only that my important data is backed up but also that MozyHome stays out of the way as much as possible.

First and foremost, here's a screenshot of the Backup Sets I currently have:

I've kept the music set turned off because I have far more music than the 2 gigabytes of free space MozyHome gives you for free, plus those are backed up in my MP3 player anyway. Notice that I have it set to back up my instant messenger logs as well as my Firefox bookmarks.

Next, here is my Options window. Emphasis is on making it user-friendly when it's running, but out of the way when it's not needed:

Then, in the "Schedule" tab, I have it set to suspend automatic and scheduled backups. With my Autohotkey-scripted Standby/Hibernate routine set to go every night (or whenever I press Alt-H), MozyHome runs at least 7 times a week, oftentimes more (as I usually run the routine when I leave for work and when I go to bed). This way I can keep MozyHome shut down 99% of the time, not taking up extra resources. Speaking of which, I have the MozyHome backup Windows Service set to Manual so it doesn't become part of the startup routine.

Here's the Autohotkey script that controls Mozy's functions:

run C:\Program Files\MozyHome\mozystat.exe

Sleep, 5000

WinWait, MozyHome Remote Backup ( - Status,
IfWinNotActive, MozyHome Remote Backup ( - Status, , WinActivate, MozyHome Remote Backup ( - Status,
WinWaitActive, MozyHome Remote Backup ( - Status,
MouseClick, left, 210, 18
Sleep, 8000
Send, s
Sleep, 5500

WinWait, MozyHome Remote Backup ( - Status, 1 minute ago
Run, C:\Program Files\PSTools\pskill.exe "mozybackup.exe"
Run, C:\Program Files\PSTools\pskill.exe "mozystat.exe"
Run, C:\Documents and Settings\Arvin\My Documents\scripts\finishedbackup.txt
The first WinWait routine waits until Mozyhome finishes loading, activates the window, then hits "S" to start the backup.

The second WinWait routine waits until the phrase "1 minute ago" shows up in the window. This means that the backup just finished. It then runs PSKill, a utility used for fast killing processes (MozyHome won't just quit by closing the window). Finally it opens up a premade text file that says "Backup Finished!" which awaits me when I bring the computer out of standby.

(Feel free to use the script and tweak it as you wish. I claim no responsibility for how you choose to use and modify it, and how it affects your system).

Remember, MozyHome offers 2 gigabytes of space free, and unlimited storage for $4.95 a month. I also get an extra gigabyte of space per user I refer, so please click on the link and sign up for this great service!

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