Wednesday, January 23, 2008

FireFTP: FTP Client for Firefox

I had long used standalone apps for FTP, but recently I was turned onto Fireftp, an FTP client built as an extension for Firefox. I liked it so much I uninstalled my local FTP client and have moved full-time into FireFTP.Why? Mainly because I like my FTP completely integrated into Firefox. It loads into its own Firefox tab. I don't do crazy tricks with FTP, I just want to upload files to my webserver, and the occasional change of permission to use PHP or Perl. Since I usually use my browser to check and make sure an upload went through, FireFTP's right-click "View on the Web" feature works like a charm (after configuring to ignore your public_html or www directories). I've yet to find any feature the other standalone clients I have used in the past had that FireFTP doesn't have.

My only beefs with FireFTP turned out to be unfounded. The first was not being able to refresh in a right click context menu. Turns out there's a refresh button right next to the "Up One Level" Button. The second was not being able to go to other drives by hitting "Up One Level." I thought I had to manually type in the drive letter in the address bar. Turns out I can navigate using the "Browse" button to the right of the address bar. I'm still disappointed these weren't intuitively integrated into the interface, but at least it's actually there somewhere.

And as far as I know it's not adding any more significant RAM usage to Firefox as running my old client, and it only runs when I turn it on.

(note: you can see what my current Firefox browser configuration looks like right now. Intrigued? Stay tuned!)

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Erik said...

Very nice program!