Sunday, January 27, 2008

Firefox Quick Find with Next/Previous, and Chromedit Plus!

There isn't much of a difference between hitting CTRL-F and hitting "/" (forward-slash), but appropriately, CTRL-F brings up Firefox's Find tool, while / brings up Quick Find. I don't see much of a difference between either one, other than normal find having extra options like Next, Previous, Highlight All, and Match Case, while Quick Find only has the search field.

Well, now you can have it both ways with this simple edit of Firefox's Chrome settings, which I found in a Mozilla Links article:

Open userChrome.css and add this line:

#FindToolbar > * {display: -moz-box; }

I just wish there was an equally simple way to close the find bar as just hitting / again. I have to move my hand all the way over to the ESC key to shut it down via keyboard.

Simple enough, if you know how to edit userChrome.css. If not, I'd just highly recommend getting the ChromeEdit Plus Firefox extension, like I do.

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