Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Welcome to Greasy PC - Sliding Through the Future

I have to admit, this blog came to me three months late. Some extra free time in October of 2007 as well as newfound inspiration from blogs like LifeHacker (to which I've since come to pledge undying allegiance), brought me to start, plainly, improving all aspects of my life simply but purposefully.

At the time, this was all-inclusive, involving a daily routine of exercises, increased nutrition awareness, tidyness, and most of all, optimizing my computer and computer-related activities. I'd justified the final bit by claiming that putting so much work into organizing my PC would pay off in my work (as an animator/designer) by taking as much of the minutiae of extra clicks, long startups, etc. out of the equation as possible, giving me, if not more time to work on my various projects, at least more sanity and levity with which to tackle them with more enthusiasm. I did, after all, have a mean streak of getting distracted easily from work by anything that wasn't. At any given moment, that would be the internet, video games, TV, or even cleaning my room. You know what I mean.

In retrospect it turned out my passion for streamlining my computing experience was just yet another form of distraction, one that's probably become further fueled by all of the extra time I might've gained like those snakes eating their tails.

That being said, I've come so far from just three months ago to now, as far as what I can now accomplish with my computer, that I find myself compelled to make some sort of public record of it. This blog will stand as both a thank you to all of the blogs from which I got the ideas of what to do with my computer at all, as well as paying it forward (blech) for the people who might be curious about seeing how far they can take their computer pratically as well.

I'll do my best to start back from October to the present as fast as possible, and then keep a current record of any other enhancements and tweaks I've implemented. Different from other blogs that feature such tweaks, I hope to be able to come back weeks afterward to talk about whether I've decided to keep said feature, whether I've found something new, or it turned out I didn't have a real need for it after all.

Please stick around!


p.s. - I was able to stick to the exercise and nutrition routine for over two months straight. Basically up until I went back to my hometown for winter break. I'm still trying to decide what of that routine to reinstate in the new year.

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Lynn said...

Way to go Greasy PC! Good luck!