Monday, January 28, 2008

DeFraggler - awesome Defrag alternative

In principle I prefer to use the pre-installed Windows options when it comes to system utilities like scandisk, defrag, and even Notepad. I'd just rather not be installing other redundant programs even if they're better. That being said, I was turned onto DeFraggler by the same MakeUseOf article I referenced last time, and I must say it's quite impressive.

(image from the Defraggler website)

What makes DeFraggler work so well is that it identifies the fragmented files and only defragments the parts of the hard drive involved, instead of the whole drive like Windows does. Much faster. For someone like me who's automated defrag, this makes it even more painless to defrag frequently (in this case, every Sunday).

Now if there was only a way to uninstall the default windows Disk Defragmenter utility...

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