Saturday, January 26, 2008

Edit "Send to" and "Open With" right click entries recently had an article entitled "10 Quick Fixes to Make your Windows Computer Faster" and while a bunch of the tips were ones I'd already implemented, I learned about how to alter the right click "Send to" menu. I was able to remove all but the "Compressed folder" option, which lets you immediately create a zip file of the file you've right-clicked.

To remove, just enter "sendto" in your run dialog (Win-R), and delete the entries you don't want. Do NOT delete the desktop.ini file.

This also got me thinking about how to edit the "Open With" right click context menu. MakeUseOf did not have the answer to that, but I did search and found this Tech Republic discussion that does just that. Unfortunately it involves editing the entries for each and every known file extension, so I think it's too much to handle for now, but I look forward to coming back to that in the near future.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

you can add short-cuts to folders and it will send the file to the folder.

WORKS great if you need to move alot of stuff around in a few short clicks.