Friday, April 18, 2008

Tab Mix Auto-Reload in Action: Got Me Some Sweet Tickets!

Two months ago I featured a Firefox extension that auto reloaded a tab. Commenter Patchwolf then responded that uber-extension Tab Mix Plus, which I was also already using, offered the same exact solution. I've yet to write up a feature on the feature-rich Tab Mix Plus, but regardless I've since uninstalled the original extension and just use Tab Mix Plus.

Last Saturday this feature came to great use when I used it to score some super coveted Radiohead tickets through Ticketmaster. I'd tried unsuccessfully the day before to score them during a presale (my own fault, I stupidly opened two windows to hedge my bets, but Ticketmaster was onto me).

The tickets went on sale at 10am, so I was up and logged into my Ticketmaster account (including having my credit card on file) by 9:45. I then opened a new Firefox window of the sale page (which was saying "Tickets not on sale yet"), right clicked on the page, and told it to "Reload Every 15 seconds." I moved the new window to my second monitor, and was able to do other stuff while the window refreshed. By the time the page refreshed and changed to show that tickets were now on sale, I was on it immediately.

So take it from me, this stuff works! That being said, I highly recommend against doing anything to increase your chances other than being there the second tickets go on sale, and already being logged in with your credit card information. Ticketmaster tries its best to keep scalpers from trying to score tickets, and if you try tactics they use, you could end up being screwed out of your ticket as well.

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