Monday, June 16, 2008

Ask the Readers: How to Fix ?

Sorry to interrupt the current broadcast, but I wanted to throw out a question that fellow blogger-ers might have the answer to, regarding my RSS feed.

If you are one of those subscribed to my RSS feed, you might've been turned off by the "Posted by (Arvin Bautista)" author line, when it really should either say just my name, or my name linked to my email address. It clutters up the feed a lot, don't you think?

I have yet to figure out where this problem is originating, and how to fix it. I use Feedburner for my feed stats, and Blogger for everything else. All your support would be most appreciated, and would certainly be rewarded with the proper credit due. Thanks guys!

Edit: So not long after I got this post ready to be published in the morning, I found the solution to my problem in this Google Groups posting.

Basically RSS 2.0 feeds which is what Feedburner usually gets from your Blogger account by default, requires an email address, and as such Blogger goes and gives you a false email address to fill in that portion (why it doesn't just resolve to use my account's email address, I don't know). You can switch to using Atom 1.0 by changing your blog's feed address from


(i.e. remove the ?alt=rss in the end)

As such if you were reading my blog right now it's finally displaying just my name and nothing else.


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Yawar said...

I'm actually subscribed to your feed on Google Reader and am seeing a simple `by Arvin Bautista' author line. So at any rate it looks like GReader and Blogger work together pretty well in that sense (as one would expect).

PEX Card said...
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Hariharakumar said...

i have a question, changing the url doesnt affect the feed?

Career Jamaica Jobs said...

Thanks for the fix, but this doens't work for me. When i remove that, it causes the entire blog URD to display in the feed. :(

Still searching for a fix.