Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Remove Winamp's Right Click Context Menu Options

Yesterday I showed you how to get rid of the annoying, cluttering right click menu options for Windows Media Player. Today I'll show you how to do the same for Winamp, removing the options "Add to Winamp's Bookmark List," "Enqueue in Winamp," and "Play in Winamp" whenever you right click on a file in Windows Explorer.

First, open Winamp. Then, hit CTRL+P to open the Preferences menu.

Then click on File Types on the left pane. Uncheck "Show Winamp in folder context menus in Windows Explorer." This removes the menu options when you right click on a folder.

Then, click on Jump to File on the left page. Then click on the "Shell Options" tab on the right. Then, on the "Windows Explorer Menu Control" section on the bottom right, unhighlight all the options you don't want showing (as you can see, I took everything out.)

And there you go! Hopefully now right clicking on files in Windows Explorer isn't a painful process.

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dee said...


i was searching online trying to find the solution to my problem and i got directed to your blog.

i hope you can help me and here is my problem:

I have a windows vista home edition with the winamp 5.531 version installed in it.

I'll be giving my pc to my grandma and I want to remove as many programs as possible since she is not that savvy with computer so that she doesn't get confused.

My problem now is that, I have already un-installed winamp properly but everytime I right-click a video or mp3 file it shows the Enqueue and Play options. I need to have them removed.

HELP please

amd said...

you will have to delete some keys from your registry : i looked in my computer and I saw that winamp created some keys here -
as long as you uninstalled winamp ,there should not be any keys left behind. I sure that you can delete any key from here which are somehow pointing to winamp.

on the other hand you could use some third party application that cleans registry from obsolete keys.
A free utility could be CCleaner .

Anonymous said...

Go into start/run and run the following command:

cmd /k assoc .mp3=wmvfile

This should reassociate mp3 files to Windows Media Player. Do this for every other file type still associated with winamp that still shows the context menu, changing the extension each time.