Monday, June 9, 2008

Firefox Quick Tip: Drag Firefox Tabs from One Window to Another!

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Here's a quick productivity booster for you Firefox power users out there. If you're like me, you browse Firefox using almost exclusively tabs as opposed to new windows (the way I used to do it in IE), but sometimes you don't realize you've opened new windows and suddenly, you've got tabs open in more than one window. What if you want to consolidate your tabs into one window?

Well, turns out, not only can you drag your tabs to change their order within a window, you can even drag and drop them from one window into a completely different one! It holds onto logged-in sessions, so you don't have to re-login to sites you've signed onto.

Now who knows how to move entire groups of tabs from one window to another instead of just one by one? Let me know and be featured on this blog!

p.s. - also learn how to scroll through tabs with your scrollwheel, open multiple tabs as a homepage, get a vertical tab bar to maximize browsing, and recover lost tabs.

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