Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Quick Firefox 3 Tips: Multiple Line Select and Paste!

I'm sure you're all taking your time getting your shiny new Firefox 3's loaded up to go (it took me about an hour to get me most of the way there), so while that happens, I'd like to throw two awesome tweaks you can play with immediately that I think will really save you some time (both tips came from Lifehacker).

First of all, you can now select multiple, non-consecutive lines of text, by holding down CTRL (or option, in Macs) when selecting, just like how you would when selecting multiple nonconsecutive files in Explorer (or Finder). Look!

Secondly, the following option allows you to paste a multi-line piece of text from any source (like Thunderbird) into the location bar of Firefox. This is EXACTLY what I've been looking for when I need to look up an address on Google Maps that was written in multiple lines, as addresses usually are.

To enable this, type about: config into your location bar, and type singeline into the filter. There should be just one entry in there, and if you set the value to 2, multiple lines will be enabled. I don't actually know whether this feature is automatically turned on in FF3, but when I went to turn this on in my browser, it was already there! I don't remember it being there before!

Anyway, looks like there are just tons of smaller but still useful features packed into this latest release, and as I find out about more of them, I'll be certain to let you know.

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