Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New Google Favicon Sucks? Is it Worth it to Change it Back?

The blog MyDigitalLife just recently featured a Greasemonkey script that changes the new, UGLY, bluish-purplish Google favicon back to the original one we all know and love (as long as you have Greasemonkey).

I clicked on the article originally because I wanted to commiserate on the unfathomably pointless change (I thought I had gotten hacked or fell for a phishing scam), but when I saw the link to the greasemonkey script, I started thinking about how ridiculous that seemed.

I briefly considered installing the script, but seriously in the end that a 16 pixel squared piece of satisfaction wasn't worth even the tiny bit of extra RAM and clutter in my Firefox configuration. But I do still wish Google comes to their senses.

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