Monday, April 14, 2008

Vertical Tab Bar with Tree-Style Tabs

It took me a while to warm up to using vertical tabs in Firefox, but eventually having a 24 inch widescreen display at 1920x1200 gives you a lot of potentially wasted horizontal space, at least compared to vertical space. And when you spend as much time on the internet, reading blogs, etc, as I do, you want to save as much vertical space as possible.

Tree Style Tabs is a Firefox extension that allows you to put the tab bar to any side of the screen (though in this case we're obviously putting it on the left side). Not only that, it arranges the tabs in a tree-style where new tabs are attached to the tab from which you opened the new link. See below for a better explanation:

The extension offers a lot more options than just setting up tree-style tabs. Most of them are cosmetic and not necessary to change, but if you want to see how I'd set mine up specifically, here's a series of shots that show all the option panels as I have them now:

Tree Style Tabs works with any platform that supports Firefox.

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