Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Blogrush isn't Really Working That Well for Me

I've been using Blogrush's widget (that's it there on the top right in the 2nd column) for about two months now and so far it's only really brought me two hits, after what it claims to be over 10,000 traffic credits. I don't really remember how the credits are generated, but it's based on traffic, and still, that kind of conversion rate is pretty laughable.

I'm sure I'm the one to blame, the pool's probably too wide and deep to stand out, and I'm probably not coming up with alluring enough titles. I know the service works, because I've clicked on interesting headlines from other peoples' blogs more than a few times now since I've installed it, and I'm the kind of person that would hardly ever click on an ad just by seeing it.

Still, my sidebars aren't clogged with info so I'm not too concerned about leaving it up there... I'd certainly be a fool to turn down even one visit this early on, so why not.

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