Friday, March 7, 2008

Search Multiple Craigslist Cities with Crgslst!

I found this on a recent Lifehacker post. As my current job winds to a close, I'll have to start looking for gigs again (if you didn't know before, I make my living as a freelance animator/graphic designer in Los Angeles), and craigslist is my favorite choice for getting them. I just like not having to sign up and register to respond to job listings.

Well, since a lot of my work is done from home, I can also look for jobs in cities other than Los Angeles. In fact, I've gotten jobs from craigslist in New York as well as San Francisco. The problem is it's kind of a pain in the ass to go to each city's craigslist site and do a search for the same exact thing.

aims to solve that problem by offering searches in multiple cities with little hassle. This of course doesn't just apply to job postings, but any other thing craigslist has to offer. I don't personally need to search other cities for stuff for sale, but you might, so all the better reason to check them out.

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