Sunday, March 16, 2008

iGoogle To-Do-List Gadget Seems to be Presently Buggy

It's just ironic that as soon as I feature the simplistically satisfying To-Do-List iGoogle gadget, it starts acting up. Specifically, tasks that I'd already finished, crossed off, and altogether removed return when I come back to my iGoogle page. It's been like this at least since I blogged about it (my to-do-list is still populated with notes for myself to do a review of Foxit, for example).

The homepage of the gadget seems to point to server problems according to the author, and another user has made a comment regarding the same problem I'm having.

I don't think this will continue to be much of a bother, and I still recommend the gadget, but I do want to back up my promise of being totally honest about the things I feature on this site.

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