Thursday, March 13, 2008

To-Do-List iGoogle Gadget: The Only One I Use

While I prefer to use a daily planner (in my case, Thunderbird's Lightning extension, more on that later) when it comes to appointments and intensive time management, on the days when I've just got too many little things to do (that don't need to be done in any particular order or in any amount of time), there's nothing better than having a to-do list to make sure nothing falls through the cracks. That's where Matt McCarthy's To-Do-List iGoogle gadget comes in.

The trick to to-do lists is that entering and crossing off tasks should take significantly less time than doing the task itself; if not, you're better off just doing the task right then and there. To-Do-List for your iGoogle homepage is perfect for that in that all you have to do is click on the gadget to add a new task. And then when you finish the task, you can either click on the task itself to cross it off, or click on the right end of that task's row to remove it from the list altogether.

Another touch that I really appreciated in this gadget is that you can specify how many rows high the gadget's window takes up. When you've got as many gadgets on your homepage as I do (currently 11, and I don't believe in using iGoogle's tabs... it's called a home page for a reason), being able to customize its size is really important.

And finally, because it's part of your iGoogle page, To-Do-List is accessible from any computer that has internet access as soon as you sign into your Google account. Perfect if you want to remind yourself in the morning to do something at the office.

Overall, To-Do-List is without a doubt the quickest, most convenient way to make sure all those tiny tasks get done!

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Matt said...

Thanks for the review, Arvin!

I recently updated To-Do List to comply with Google's latest requirements. The gadget is now served from a different Google server than before, and it seems that Google isn't associating everyone's old data with the new To-Do List code. Some people have been able to retrieve their data with this workaround.

If that doesn't do the trick, please contact me. Google provides a contact link for each author if you visit the About page for the gadget, click the author's name, then click Contact on the next page.

Some Guy said...

I cannot find the instructions on to how to share/sync on different igoogle pages.

Could someone please help.

Thanks in advance.