Sunday, March 23, 2008

OnSaleHost: Another Crappy Webhost

Pre-script: Sorry for the lack of updates the past two days, I was away on vacation. I did have the two articles ready to go and be published, but I did not have internet service when I thought I would. Here are the two articles that I had pre-written, but now post-published.

By the by, is there a way to have Blogger publish postdated articles automatically at the time they were postdated?

Sorry for yet another rant, but my recent experiences with these online eBay web hosts have given me little recourse but to at least warn people exactly what they're in for when they buy "unlimited web hosting" for 10 dollars a year.

I had bought hosting on OnSaleHost for a client that needed a small, quick, cheap website. I offered to buy the host and domain for them since they weren't too knowledgeable about such things. Well, that client turns out to be a little hard to please, and in the end I put way too much time for too little pay, and they ended up ditching my design altogether and going with some guy with templates.

In this case, OnSaleHost actually hasn't been that bad of a web host (since I was only in control of the site for about 2 weeks), although at one point they lost a server and needed me to update my info with their system to get me back online.

Anyway, the problem started a few weeks ago when I was notified by Paypal that my subscription with OnSaleHost had been renewed. After my previous experiences with Valethosting, I know that it's near impossible to get a refund on subscriptions. And it was completely my fault for not cancelling my subscription earlier. So +1 to them because of my ignorance.

And since the eBay auction was a year ago, I can't leave negative feedback (that's why these guys have as good feedback as they show!)

That being said, I tried to then log back into the account I had paid yet another year of hosting for, and did not get access with the username/password I had set up, nor any other password combos I had discussed with the original client.

I decided to contact OnSaleHost twice, through the original email they'd contacted me with to set the hosting up originally, and through the contact page on their site.

(Their site, by the way, is the same kind of underdeveloped template-y crap that offers no real information as all the other shared server hosts).

Anyway, no contact received from both instances, even after I threatened more official action in the second email.

All I'm looking for is either a refund of the small sum that I paid when my subscription got renewed, or at least access to the web server again, since I did pay for it, after all.

Now I'm gonna go and send this article to OnSaleHost through their email contact page and we'll see if I hear back from them. But even if no, if this article makes you at least stop and think (a bit longer) before shacking up with these guys, then I feel vindicated.

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Yawar said...

Arvin, Blogger lets you send posts to an email address of your choice, and it automatically posts those emails as blog articles. So if you can do that, you could try setting up an email client, using AutoHotKey or whatever, to send the mail at a certain time. AFAIK, Gmail or most popular webmail providers don't have a way to send an email at a specified time.