Sunday, March 9, 2008

Where's the Beef?

Well, it's been two months since I started GreasyPC. In those two months we've averaged slightly more than one post a day (my schedule is once a day, with some extras here and there if I've got the time), and our readership continues to slowly grow. As such, I wanted to just rewind and remind our new readers what GreasyPC is all about, and what sets us apart from other computer tweaking sites.

I started GreasyPC because about six months ago I started putting a lot of effort towards rejuvenating the experience my ever-aging Windows XP PC. From making it run faster, to look prettier, to just being able to do more stuff, I felt as though I'd done so much that I had to start archiving all of these changes. If anything, it would help me rebuild what I'd done in the future if something bad were to happen.

As such, what you see featured on GreasyPC are tweaks that I've personally installed on my own PC; none of the reviews were done just for the sake of reviewing them. In fact, I'll let you know if something I featured in the past ends up being uninstalled, or if what I'd just tried out didn't pass the muster, and got uninstalled immediately.

As such, you can assume that whatever program/tweak/hack/skin I've just featured on this blog is the best in its class, at the time I've found it. And if you know of any other that's even better, you let me know, and I promise to check it out, and if it is indeed better, I'll write about it.

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