Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Simple Check if Your Website is Down

Back when I was wrangling with dodgy web hosts, I constantly had to go and check if/when my web servers were down, or back up, or have switched to the proper nameservers. Here are two sites that can help you figure it out, one super simple and that I had found about recently, and another that's far more comprehensive and what got me through the tough times:

Down for Everyone or Just Me - recently featured on Lifehacker, it's about as simple of a server uptime check as you can get: just fill out the question with the URL you're checking, and it answers it for you immediately.

Host Tracker - Host Tracker is the opposite of the former site, in that it gives you concise yet comprehensive information about the status of the URL you are checking up on. It works by having about 25 different servers around the world check your site for a response over a minute or so, and tells you if they got a response and the site is up, or if it's down.

Even better, it shows what ip address your URL is directing to, which is valuable if you're moving your domain to a different host and you want to know how long it's taking for DNS servers around the world to resolve to the proper IP address.

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