Friday, March 14, 2008

Change How Firefox Handles Downloaded Files

For some reason at some point in the past few months, whenever I download a torrent file to start a download, Firefox would always save the file to disk, instead of asking me whether or not I wanted to save it or just open it (don't ask me why I didn't just have it automatically open indefinitely, I guess I never got around to it). I guess I must've accidentally told it to always do that action.

Anyway, this lead to extra files on my desktop and an extra double click to start my torrent download, which was really annoying. Luckily the great site GHacks had the answer.

If you want to change the download actions for a specific file type, just go to Tools>Options>Content>Manage File Types, and alter accordingly.

Now my torrents are opened in UTorrent (my preferred bittorrent client) as soon as I click on them to download.

The GHacks article actually even goes as far as showing you how to reset all of the download actions, which personally felt like overkill to me, and required more effort than I was willing to spend, seeing as how the torrent file was the only one giving me a bother. But if you want to go ahead and do that, check out the linked article.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

in the current firefox (v3.0.1) its now in tools/options/applications which lists all file types and actions next to them. There's no Manage File Types button in content tab.

ok cheers, ben