Sunday, March 2, 2008

Download StatusBar: One Less Firefox Window!

Perhaps the feature that got me into Firefox to begin with was the use of tabs. It allowed me to essentially do all of my browsing in one organized window. However, it always bugged me that whenever I downloaded anything it would open another "Downloads" window. I want everything all in that one browser window, dammit!

Along comes downloadstatusbar, a Firefox extension written by Devon Jensen. It manages all of your downloads into a bar in the bottom of your browser (above the status bar, which, if you guys had been paying attention, I'd already gotten rid of).

It works right out of the box, though it is quite full featured. Here is a screenshot of my main configuration window:

I've heard of other, even more feature-packed download managers for Firefox, but if you want something super simple and functional, you can't go wrong with downloadstatusbar.

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