Sunday, February 3, 2008

Merge Address Bar and Status Bar Safari-Style in Firefox with Fission!

It's funny that the following extension written by Zeniko is called Fission, which is the act of splitting into smaller parts, because its sole purpose is to take the Firefox Status Bar and merge it with the Firefox address bar.

Safari on OSX does the same thing, at least one of the status bar's functions, which is to show the loading status via a color background on the address bar. Fission does the same thing, and it even allows you to customize the colors.

Fission also takes the other function of the status bar, which is to show where a hovered link leads to, and puts that on the address bar by changing the address displayed to the hovered link, if you happen to have your mouse over the link. It's a little disorienting at first, but when've you ever needed to see the current address and the hovered link's address at the same exact time?

In this instance my mouse was hovering over the "restaurants" link, and fission shows the link location in my address bar up above.

By using Fission, you can finally get rid of your status bar, by going to View>Toolbars> and uncheck "Status Bar." Voila, you just shaved another 50 or so vertical pixels off of Firefox, which amounts to more viewing space for the webpages. Because after all, Firefox is for viewing sites, not for ogling itself.

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1 comment:

Jay said...

I didn't realize that you can also put the status text in the addressbar using fission! Thanks to your post, I finally got rid of my statusbar, and freed up another 1cm for my browser screen real estate. Thanks!