Tuesday, February 26, 2008

AfterEffects Quick Tip: Double Click to Work in a Pre-Comp

Time for another quick tip that I had just learned for Adobe AfterEffects by watching the awesome tutorials by Andrew Kramer.

One thing I always found odd was why when I had a composition (we'll call it "Comp 1" to avoid confusion) nested inside another composition (we'll call it "Comp 2"), I couldn't just double click on Comp 1 on the Comp 2 timeline in order to open it up and work within it. Instead, I'd been having to go to the project window and finding the comp there, where I could double click on it to open it up.

TURNS OUT, you needed to hold down the ALT key while double clicking on Comp 1 in order to open it up and work inside.

Yet another small but useful tip for those people like me who were too smart and had too little time to read the entire manual :).

And don't forget to check out the first shortcut I'd featured, which were the keyboard shortcuts for Next/Previous frame in AfterEffects.

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