Monday, February 18, 2008

Right Click Gmail Directions with GDirections!

I'd had this Firefox extension for a month or two now, and was always impressed with it, but it never really got much use until this past weekend when I had to check out directions to several different locations, and it worked like a charm!

Written by Jeffrey Palm, GDirections lets you highlight an address in Firefox and right click it and get directions from your specified home address! It even works for addresses laid out in multiple lines, which was always what made it annoying to get directions from online.

Once installed, you can check the Addons pane and select your preferences for GDirections, which basically lets you add starting addresses from which GDirections will work out directions to your destination.

The one thing that's weird to me is that GDirections also gives you options to search the address in the other search engines you've specified for Firefox. I don't see much of a point of this and it just adds an extra menu and stuff to go through to get to what you want, which is just to get the damn directions.

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1 comment:

Jeff said...

The 'other search engines' allows you to search anything (not just addresses) with the search engines you've added to the search box that appears in the upper right. For example, I like to search Wikipedia for a highlighted term sometimes; other times I'd like google; other times I want to look something up at