Monday, February 4, 2008

My Portfolio Site Soft-Launches (again!)

For 8 months, my portfolio website, Greasy Pig Studios, was nothing more than a splash page that was essentially a blown-up version of my business card (which I got printed at a heavy discount on Vista Print). It declared "NEW WEBSITE COMING SOON" but nothing came.

Until today. I'd had enough, and decided to add a little substance to the site, even if the content still wasn't the latest from the GPS factory.

With help from Newgrounds for the preloader, and this Wildform Tutorial for a Flash Video Controller (I couldn't get the draggable play-head to work right, but that was a luxury, not a necessity), I was able to customize a player for my reel to present on the front page. It's still a simple site, but now it just might be enough to attract potential clients to my offered services.

So please come and visit the kinda-new Greasy Pig Studios (and check out the reel too, why not).

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