Saturday, February 23, 2008

Try to Fix a Dead Pixel with KillDeadPixel!

I got my first LCD monitor back in 2003 when I won grand prize at the University of Southern California's Webfest web design contest for the old design of my portfolio site, Greasy Pig Studios (I then got 1st place in the Communication category in 2006 for my animated webcomic journal, aLiveJournal).

The monitor was a 17 inch NEC monitor that I still use today (it's my secondary display where I keep Thunderbird almost always displayed). Anyway, when I got it it had one dead pixel, bright green in the bottom right quarter of the screen. I've tried fixing it by rubbing it really hard with my thumb, but it didn't work.

When I heard about KillDeadPixel, I was cautiously optimistic. It works by having an animated gif of what essentially looks like static, and you can drag it over the area where the dead pixel is. It's supposed to kinda flush the dead pixel back to life.

Well, I tried it on there for several hours, and unfortunately it did not work for me. But I would certainly recommend you try it for yourself. I've read testimonials from happy customers online, so it may well be worthwhile for you.

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