Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mostly Crystal: My Firefox and Thunderbird Theme

I realized that I never plugged the Firefox and Thunderbird theme I use. It's one I've used since version 1.5 of both apps, when I first started using them, back in 2004. It's called Mostly Crystal by Cat Thief.

I like it because it adds the 3D glossiness that lets your buttons pop out above the toolbars. It's got a unified look, but isn't so uniform that you have a hard time telling what the icon does. Really it's basically the original Mozilla theme with a little more pop.

I'd looked for the longest time for a theme that worked well with the dark Zune Windows theme, but found that the dark browsers just didn't integrate well with most websites and most favicons just looked awful on the bookmarks toolbar. Mostly Crystal luckily looks great on both dark and bright Windows themes. To me, it's just the best, most useful Firefox and Thunderbird theme out there.

Here's a screenshot of Firefox and Thunderbird, both using the Mostly Crystal theme. One final thing to note is that it's also a great theme to use if you really want to strip down your apps of unnecessary buttons.

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