Thursday, February 14, 2008

Make Sites Think You're Not Using Firefox!

Some sites block access if you're using a specific browser... in my case, Firefox (duh). They claim their services are incompatible with Firefox. But is it really? Likely it's just one of their utilities that are incompatible. Most likely it's because they need a browser less secure than what you're using now. That's where User Agent Switcher comes in.

User Agent Switcher is a Firefox extension written by Chris Pederick that makes sites think you're using a different browser or even operating system. Using it is simple. Once installed (and Firefox is restarted), just click on Tools>User Agent Switcher, and then select which user agent you want to pretend to be. You can even add other user agents yourself.

Note: of course, some sites really are just flat out incompatible with Firefox (their loss), but trying User Agent Switcher is worth trying at first. The worst that can happen is a site won't load.

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