Friday, February 8, 2008

Autohotkey: Empty Recycle Bin With Hotkey

I have no idea why I had a much less elegant solution to this process before (which involved calling a separate program that emptied the recycle bin, but still having to press enter to confirm it), but I guess there is a super simple Autohotkey command that empties the recycle bin quickly and painlessly:

FileRecycleEmpty [, DriveLetter]

If you use just FileRecycleEmpty, it empties all of the Recycle Bin. If you add a comma and the drive letter as "C:\" or "D:\" it empties just those drives' folders. I never differentiated between the drives' Recycle Bins before, so I really only care to remove everything. Currently, my hotkey for emptying the Recycle Bin is such:

!x:: FileRecycleEmpty

Which empties the Recycle Bin by hitting ALT-X.

As always, to use these scripts and many others to enhance your Windows experience, you need Autohotkey. For more articles on using Autohotkey, and the scripts that I personally use, check out the other articles on this blog labeled "Autohotkey."

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Anonymous said...

Very useful, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this- solved my little gripe in 3 minutes