Saturday, February 2, 2008

Compact Menu Firefox Extension: Firefox Menus Under One Icon

I haven't really given much time to focusing on how I've optimized my Firefox browser on this blog, even though Firefox is arguably the most customized piece of software I use (aside from Windows itself). So I'll try to do several articles a week to the various extensions and tweaks I've used to make Firefox run as smoothly and productively as possible.

Compact Menu is a Firefox extension written by Milly C. that opens up a crapload of space on your Firefox window by collapsing the main menu options (File, Edit, Bookmarks, Tools, etc) into one dropdown menu. If you're like me, you hardly access those menu options anyway (especially if you've mastered keyboard shortcuts and use your scrollwheel button), so the occasional extra mouseclick to view those menu options is worth the third of a toolbar's space I save with it.Even better, CompactMenu also allows you to not show certain menu items at all. I've chosen to uncheck the "Edit" menu, since I don't ever use it (Find can be accessed with CTRL-F or the even better "/" for quickfind).

Stay tuned for more showcases on my Firefox tweaks!

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