Monday, February 11, 2008

Yahoo rejects Microsoft's Facebook Relationship Request

Well, Yahoo! rejected Microsoft's 44 billion dollar offer. This comes after weeks of speculation from the, ech, blogosphere, including an official response from Google.

Yeah, I can't say I'm too saddened by the deal falling apart (Yahoo claims the offer was too low), but I was quite a bit perturbed by Google's overt and vocal response. Hell, I think I heard more about Google's response than I heard about the deal itself.

I love Google, but even I'm slightly troubled by how much I rely on their services, their free, useful, reliable services. There's still something unsettling about one company having a hold of so much important information.

I understand that Microsoft's done some shady things in the past, but I can't imagine them being able to exert too much control on the internet by teaming up with Yahoo. Google has a gigantic corner on the internet services market from its search engine and Gmail, with their marketshare continuing to rise. If anything, Google's the one in the position to exert control. Them complaining about the second and third place guys trying to take pole positions just sounds uncharacteristically insecure.

That being said, I doubt the pairing of Microsoft and Yahoo would yield a better surfing experience than Google. I wouldn't even be surprised if the two wrongs made a bigger wrong. I'm always in favor of more discrete competition in all things, but I'm also in favor of maturity. Even on the internets.

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