Friday, February 22, 2008

Speed up High-RAM Firefox 2 Window Many Tabs!

I can't wait until Firefox 3 goes gold, mainly because they seem to have plugged up most of the memory leaks that plague Firefox 2. The beta releases of FF3 seem to point to great things, but I won't be using it until I can make sure all my extensions work for it.

Meanwhile though, this is a little workaround I discovered earlier today when I was caught in a situation where I had a lot of tabs open, each of them loading a large Flash video file. At its worst Firefox was taking up almost 500 megabytes of RAM, and would not let me switch from one tab to another, at least not with any convenient speed.

Then, I noticed that if I clicked on the tab I wanted to view, while Firefox is still hanging and not switching, you can minimize or unmaximize the browser window. For me, suddenly the window was focused on the new tab I wanted! I could then remaximize my window and continue viewing. As I finished viewing that tab I would switch it off, and eventually Firefox will revert back to its proper responsiveness.

Still, can't wait for version 3!

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