Saturday, February 2, 2008

Stop-Or-Reload Firefox Extension - Merge Two Buttons and Save Room!

The following can be done as a userchrome.css tweak but honestly, I could never get it to work, and it really bugged me. Luckily, it is available as a Firefox extension.

The concept behind the Stop-or-Reload Button extension by Caio Chassot is the idea that you'd only ever need to stop a webpage if it was loading, and you'd only need to refresh a page once it's finished. The two states don't really ever intersect (well, yeah, they do, but not always). So, wouldn't it be efficient to combine the stop and reload button into one button, switching between Stop and Reload depending on the loading status of the page? Why yes!

As you can see I only have two icons on my top menu bar, and that's the Compact Menu (featured in my previous article here), and Stop-or-Reload. The rest is taken up by my address bar, which is pretty much long enough to handle all but the most interminably long URLs.

If you liked this article and want to know more about the Firefox extensions I personally use to make my browsing experience super efficient, check out the other posts on this blog labeled Firefox.

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