Monday, April 7, 2008

AllSnap: Snap Window Edges Together

As you may recall, I'm the kind of person that prefers to maximize my windows instead of minimizing and arranging the windows myself. However, I'm coming to compromise better between maximized and non-maximized, as I try to come up with better and more organized ways to take care of my various computer-related tasks, mainly taking care of my finances, as I have my bookkeeping software, my online banking accounts, and the calculator all open at once.

Allsnap is a small, simple freeware app created by Ivan Heckman, which makes managing multiple non-maximized windows, well, a snap. But why not check out this video to see for yourself how it works?

Allsnap installs simply, and gives you the option of starting with Windows (by installing an icon in the Startup folder). Once installed and running, you can also right click on the system tray icon and change features such as running in the background without a system tray icon (you know that's important to me!) To unhide the system tray icon, just run the program again.

There are also many other customization options that I'll let you explore yourself. I personally left almost all the settings in the default option, with the specific exception of the system tray icon hide option.

Allsnap takes up 4 megabytes of RAM in the background, which so far is doable for me. It could stand to be lighter-weight, but it's not terrible. As a result, I will be keeping Allsnap installed until I find a better product. Specifically, if someone develops an app that can actually dock windows like many instant messaging apps, I would be in heaven.

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