Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Use a Tag Cloud with Blogger for your Labels!

In a further attempt to increase viewership and direct readers towards the different articles I've written out on the site (almost 120 posts now!), I've switched my list of used labels in favor of a tag cloud, which many blogs use nowadays. It's a novel and elegant way to showing the most blogged-about topics.

Installing a Tag-Cloud widget wasn't the super easiest thing to do, but it certainly could've been a lot harder. Instructions to do so are available here at blog Phydeaux3.

Follow the directions carefully. They're straightforward, but they explain the important settings that let you customize your tag cloud, specifically the color gradient you use (maxcolor and mincolor, using RGB values, and maxfontsize and minfontsize). Using RGB values was kind of a pain since they aren't really used in HTML, but I was able to get mine in a configuration I liked in a few minutes by taking a screenshot of my blog, and using Photoshop to get the RGB value of my current links.

Remember, RGB values (red, green, and blue) work from 0 to 255, with 0,0,0 being no color at all (black) and 255,255,255 being all the colors (white). 255,0,0 would be the value for pure red, 0,255,0 would be the value for all green, and you can guess what for blue.

Good luck using these in your own blogs, and hopefully this'll increase my average pageviews per visit!

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