Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The problem with April Fools' sites

Yesterday being April Fools, there were more than a bunch of sites that took on pranky gimmicks (all of Gizmodo's posts yesterday were Mr. T, Wisebread claimed that getting an Apple tattoo gets you cash and Apple Store discounts, Newgrounds did crap, and of course you probably saw what Google and Youtube were up to).

All funny and cute, but the problem is, it's really only funny the first site you visit. It's not any of these sites' fault (okay, fine the Gizmodo thing got old pretty fast), since they can't help if they weren't the first site a person visits, but perhaps I'm really just that big of a fan of website pranks, or normal pranks.

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1 comment:

Lynn said...

I dunno, I enjoyed the pranks. Although, as much as I love THE Rick Astley, I was disappointed I had to do so much extra work (during my work day) to see a video of a bunny eating a banana. Also, imagine your disappointment...being featured on the front page of youtube on April Fool's day.