Sunday, April 6, 2008

Get Rid of "Use the Web Service to Find the Correct Program" Window

How-to-Geek offers a great, quick registry hack that gets rid of the otherwise useless "Use the Web Service to Find the Correct Program" dialog when you try to open a file that Windows doesn't know what program to use on. I mean, don't we all just go to the "Select a Program from the list of installed programs" dialog?

Well, just check out the registry hack here. What's great about this and other How-To-Geek articles about registry hacks is, they offer a downloadable .reg file that you can just double click on, and it installs itself in the registry automatically! Of course, if you're the kind that's paranoid about installing registry files, the article also offers step by step directions on doing the registry hack yourself.

I meanwhile, just went ahead and used the install. Now don't screw me on this, How-To-Geek!

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