Thursday, April 10, 2008

Google Analytics iGoogle Gadget: Currently Buggy, Still Good

I've blogged about my preferred iGoogle gadgets before, and as you may have read, I'm willing to give them a bit of leeway in terms of bugginess if they still serve a good purpose. That same mantra applies to today's gadget.

The Google Analytics gadget isn't an official Google gadget like you'd think; it was written by Chris McKeever and provides a simple, quick view of your Analytics stats right on your home page. For stats-whores like myself, adding this was pretty much a no-brainer.

Important heads-up about using this gadget, you need to be on a secure server to see the stats. If not, the gadget will tell you. That basically means that instead of going to, you just need to go to I changed my homepage to go to the secure site, for this reason.

The GA gadget offers an hourly view and a daily view. Unfortunately, ever since GA's recent addition of the weekly/monthly/yearly view options, the gadget's hourly view has broken and only shows the total for the current day. The gadget's site seems to have made notice of this issue, and hopefully it'll get fixed soon.

The other, honestly bigger bug that this gadget has is that it honestly only shows the graph about half the time. The other half, the box for the gadget is there, but nothing appears. I haven't yet figured out why it does that, but for now I'm happy enough with its functionality that I'm willing to sacrifice home-page space for it. If/when these bugs are fixed though, BOOYAH!

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