Friday, April 25, 2008

Check out Responses to Reviews by the Authors Themselves!

I love the idea that some of the authors and creators of the applications and programs I've featured on this site have taken the time to personally respond to my thoughts on the matter. It shows an active desire on their part to seek out opinions of their product, and strive to take those comments into consideration. What's great is I know that I already love these products (or else I wouldn't use them), but these guys are promising that they'll get even better.

Here are three comments I've received from the creators themselves in response to my reviews and feature articles:

Rentometer Lets You Compare Your Rent W/ Your Neighbors!

Arvin, thanks for covering the Rentometer!

A few things that I think you'll be happy to know.

First off, although we do save user-entered data for future use, we do not currently use it in our comparisons.

Because of that, we have the luxury of computing our statistics using recent rental listings, so our statistics are intended to provide an snapshot of the current market.

Thanks again for the coverage! Feel free to check out our FAQ or contact us if you have any other questions!

Take care,
Owen Johnson

To-Do-List iGoogle Gadget: The Only One I Use

Thanks for the review, Arvin!

I recently updated To-Do List to comply with Google's latest requirements. The gadget is now served from a different Google server than before, and it seems that Google isn't associating everyone's old data with the new To-Do List code. Some people have been able to retrieve their data with this workaround.

If that doesn't do the trick, please contact me. Google provides a contact link for each author if you visit the About page for the gadget, click the author's name, then click Contact on the next page.

I'm Trying to Learn Spanish with Learnit Lists

Hello, this is Nicola from Learnit.

I'm really glad you're using our widget, but it's a shame there's the problems with the Tagalog translations. I'm just going through the word list at the moment to remove any obvious errors - like where the word doesn't get translated.

Our strategy is that we will get each language translation checked by a professional, human translator as soon as we can. For now, we're reliant on users flagging up any mistranslation, but all the translations will be checked before it comes out of beta.

We are about to launch our next version of the widget, with some of the functions people have requested - like grammatical info, tests, sound, speech & context. You're very welcome to join the private beta test of this if you'd like to.

Your comment about the size of the widget has got me thinking... we could produce a learnit widget lite version for people who need the words only, and none of the additional functions. You will also be able to subscribe to an RSS feed for an ultra lite version.

I hope you'll like our new version,

Thanks again everyone, I look forward to seeing the next step in all of your projects!

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