Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Google Analytics Adds Week, Month, Year View

Well duh, I use Google Analytics to track web visitors. Using the Google-owned Blogger made that a right easy choice (and also because I use them for basically everything else, like I'm sure many of you do).

One of the things that bugged me in the past was how I couldn't view hits by week, month, or year. This blog has reached a point where it's been running long enough that you can start really making out trends, and being able to see the bigger picture starts becoming important.

Luckily, GA just finally added these long-awaited features to their site, which they document comprehensively on their blog. I noticed it when checking my stats this past weekend; checking their blog confirmed that it was a new addition, instead of a feature that appears after they've tracked a site for a certain length of time.

Here's a screenshot of my views in week mode:

Much better to look at than the really jagged, all over the place graph that daily view had.

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