Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Quick Comment Poll: Block Ads and Bolding Text?

Two quick questions I'd love to ask the audience, one regarding a web browsing tweak, and another regarding this site itself. It would help me a lot to hear from you guys regarding both!

1) Do you block ads from your browser? I realized after I'd posted it that the screenshot from my last post showed a big honkin' ad from the site I was on, to the point where it might've been distracting from the important stuff.

Personally I prefer to not block ads; yes, they look annoying, but not as much as pop-ups, which I of course block. Most sites worth visiting were gracious enough to integrate ads well into their design, to make them unobtrusive. Sometimes seeing completely blank areas where ads are supposed to be actually look even worse.

Meanwhile, hell, there might actually be (and there HAVE been) instances where I might be interested enough to click ads; I mean come on, they're there because bloggers gotta eat.

What do you think?

2) Secondly, as you guys could see, I'd been formatting my blogs by bolding important keywords and points in my posts. I'd done it to direct the reader's eye towards the most pertinent information. However, I know that most bloggers don't go and do that. Do you guys actually prefer the text to be relatively unformatted, or do you like the extra style?

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Anonymous said...

I (very much) like the bolding of important keywords and points when I read articles. I allows me to read the bold first and decide if I want to read the article in detail.

Yawar said...

Arvin, I like to read paragraphs of plain text, with anything in bold occupying its own paragraph. For emphasis, italics. Reading different weights of text in a single line/paragraph is uncomfortable for me.

Anonymous said...

I would like to amend my previous comment. I like when whole sentences in paragraphs are bolded (for the reasons I stated above), but I really don't like when only words or phrases are bolded.